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Adirondack Collection

Breezesta’s Adirondack Collection features 7 relaxed styles in 20 vibrant colors. Your customers can sit back and relax in Breezesta’s Shoreline Chair or Rocker, Fanback Chair or Rocker, Right or Left Windsail Chair, Royale Chair or Folding Chair. Add a footrest for maximum comfort! Choose from 2 styles – Windsail or Leisure. Each piece is available in all 20 colors. Your customers can also create multi-color items for a one-of-a-kind style statement. Click here to read about our Multi-Color offering.

* Customize your furniture! Click on each of the thumbnails below to view the various color choices

Adirondack Shoreline Chair

Adirondack Shoreline Rocker

Left Windsail Chair

Right Windsail Chair

Royale Chair

Adirondack Coastal Chair

Adirondack Coastal Rocker

Adirondack Fanback Chair

Adirondack Fanback Rocker

Adirondack Folding Chair
Windsail Footrest

Leisure Footrest

Kidz Adirondack

Single Coastal Glider

Double Coastal Glider

Accent Table

Cushions Patterns

We offer unique head cushions to accent the seating item or items selected.

Echo Midnight

Dolce Mango

Canvas Terracotta

Dolce Pastel Oasis

Lux Indigo

Canvas Charcoal

Linen Canvas

Seville Seaside

Maxim Heather Beige

Milano Charcoal

Dupione Paradise

Vloletta Baltic

Blox Slate

Canvas Sunflower Yellow

Dupione Caramel

Dupione Walnut