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About Us

The Leading Manufacturer of 100% Recycled Poly Furniture

Breezesta 100% Recycled Poly Furniture is manufactured by Casual Living Products Unlimited. Founded in 2003, Casual Living is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Ask your customers to have a seat. They’ll instantly feel the comfort difference that quality materials and attention-to-detail make. Breezesta just feels stronger, sturdier. It is. There are many things that make Breezesta the industry leader. From quality control to color selection, Breezesta is transforming outdoor furniture one piece at a time.

Environmentally Responsible
Not only is Breezesta an eco-friendly product, but our company is as well. Casual Living Products is committed to environmental responsibility. Click here to learn more about what makes our process and our products “green.”

It’s Easy to do Business with Us
We want you to do business with us. So we make it as easy as possible for you to buy our products, and promote them to your customers. From reliable lead times to competitively-priced delivery, Casual Living is focused on meeting your needs.

Product Quality
We’re confident in our product quality. That’s why we provide a Lifetime Warranty on each product. You want to sell a product that your customers can rely on – it’s just good for your reputation, right? That’s why we focus on quality materials and sturdy construction. You won’t be dissatisfied and neither will your buyers.

Product Innovation
Change is the definition of our industry. What a buyer likes today in terms of style, material or more may change radically 12 months from now. That’s why we are constantly developing new products, new styles and new colors. We keep a close eye on market trends and buyer tastes in order to provide our dealers with products that will appeal to homeowners and keep them coming back for more!

Dealer Support
Your market is more competitive than ever. Casual Living can help you sell products to your customers. We’re reliable – trust our lead times and product quality. We’re supportive – use our brochures to drive traffic and increase sales. We’re easy to work with – use our web site to place orders.

Whatever you need to sell more product, we’re here to help.